Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hard Evening

Today has been a good day. Church was great, my lesson went really well, I met new people... You know, all the things that should happen when you get back out to school. Dinner was very very VERY good today!! Chelsabelle made chicken marinated in Italian dressing, I made rice, Jillisey made baked potatoes, and Kaiti made corn bread muffins. Mmm mmm mmm. So good. Then we, as an apartment and friends, listened to Elaine S. Dalton speak from BYU at the CES Fireside.

Then, directly after the prayer was said, I left. I went to the park to swing, and no swings were open. So I sat on a park bench and just listened to my music. I don't know what happened, but I feel bad. I just wanna cry. Nothing bad happened, which is why I don't feel the greatest. But it's happened.

I told my roommates I'm fine, just because I have no idea what is wrong. Oh well...

Side note: It's been harder to read the scriptures today than it has been all weekend. You'd think it would be easier since it is Sunday, but it's not. Bleh.

Good night, loyal readers.


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