Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seventeen Again

So, I saw the movie 17 Again today at the cheap theater where I am currently living. I thought it would be cheesy, or dumb, or that I just wouldn't like it, but that was a lie. I totally loved it!! I cried, it was so good. Tugged at your heart strings, I tell ya.

In case you haven't heard of it, here is the story summary.

At 17 Mike O'Donell was on top of the world; he was the star of his high school basketball team, and was a shoo in for a college scholarship. And is dating his soul mate, Scarlett. But on what's suppose to be his big game wherein college scouts are checking him out, Scarlett reveals that she's pregnant. Mike decides to leave the game and asks Scarlett to marry him which she does. During their marriage, Mike could only whine about the life he lost because he married her. So she throws him out. And when he loses his job, he returns to the only place he's happy at - his old high school. And while looking at his high school photo, a janitor asks him if he wishes he could be 17 again and he says yes. One night while driving he sees the janitor on a bridge and apparently jumps in and he goes after him. When he returns to his friend, Ned's house, where he has been staying, he sees that he is 17 again. He decides to take this opportunity to get the life he lost.

But it was soooo good!! I will buy it when it comes on DVD. No joke. Honestly, it had a lot of elements in it that made it great. One, it had Jan from the office. That was amazing! Two, they talked about LOTR, which is Lord Of The Rings, for those out there who don't know that. And three, I think Zac Efron is hot, and he had his shirt off.

All in all, great movie.


Friday, May 29, 2009

The Good Shepard (Stolen from Sarah Russon)

Has anyone ever wondered why, in pictures of the Savior as the Good Shepherd, Christ carries the sheep He is bringing back? At least for me, I've always just thought that He was protecting the sheep. But something my mom heard from somewhere and told me changed my perspective quite a bit.

Apparently what happens when one sheep constantly strays from the rest of the sheep is, the shepherd goes after it and, once he finds it, will actually break the leg of the sheep. He carries it back to the fold, and heals the leg. But while that healing occurs, the sheep has to stay close to the shepherd. Then, after the leg is healed, it will not stray from him.

As I thought about that, the significance of that paralleling what the Savior does for us really hit me. When we stray from the Lord's fold, which we all as imperfect people do, the Savior comes after us. The word "succor," which is used in many scriptures and hymns to describe what Jesus does for us, means literally "to run to." Christ literally runs to us when we are lost. Then, he teaches us a lesson that might hurt, maybe a lot, at the time, but is something that in the big picture, we really need to know. What's more is, Jesus doesn't just teach us a lesson and walk away. He teaches us a lesson, then holds us, carrying us back to where we need to be. Then He stays with us and heals us completely.

With these experiences, which I know I have had, we are so much less likely to go away from our Good Shepherd because we realize how He has been there for us no matter what. He doesn't want to hurt us, but is willing to do it because He knows how good it will be for us in the long run. And what is especially comforting to me is that He heals. He is always there, always caring. Always the Good Shepherd.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Truth be told I miss you... Truth be told I'M LYING!!!

So, I am not gonna give you the satisfaction of seeing me hurt. You're not worth it, and you don't deserve it. You broke all the promises, not me. You did what you said you wouldn't, not me. But, in all honesty, I really don't care. You were allowing it to fade away two weeks ago, and that is your fault, not mine. So adios, ciao, peace out, and LATA! I am gonna live life to the fullest, do almost everything I get asked to do, and it's because I don't want to sit around and wait anymore. So I am saying good bye.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

:( -----> :D

I went from really sad to really happy in a span of a few hours. I love having an optimistic attitude in life!!


Monday, May 25, 2009


My "family" is torn apart...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Off Day

I don't know what to do today. I really hate the weekends, more than any other day of the week.

"You hate the weekends?!?! You crasy."

Yes, I know. It's because, unlike everyone else in my apartment, I don't have friends here. I mean, not as many as I had in Fall and Winter. I don't do much except sit here and wait for the weekend to end. At least during the week, I have classes to go to.

Today is a day where I wish I had my friends here. Chelsie, Mike, Brian, Zandra, Jillise, Whitney, Jose, Neiko, Lauren G., anyone really. I just need something to do, somewhere to go. If I had a car, I would drive up to IF (Idaho Falls, for those of you who don't know) and go to the museum up there. Or I'd drive to Boise and see Jillise. Or drive up to Spokane and meet my family there. Or drive to Orem and see my family THERE! Just something other than sit in my room all weekend.

Today, I have no idea what I will do. Maybe go rent another movie from Redbox. Or go to Jamba Juice. Or finish my homework, which I got a good start on already. Or just call someone to talk.

Today I feel lonely. The end.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Tell someone... that you love them

"Did you say it?...
.....'I Love You....
....I don't ever want to live without you....
....You've changed my life...'

Did you say it?
Make a plan.
Set a goal.
Work toward it, but every now and then,
Look around.
Drink it in.

'Cause this is it...
It might all be gone tomorrow...."

So, I stole this from Chelsie's individual blog, but I know what it's from so that's ok... I think... LoL.

Grey's Anatomy is one of my all time favorite shows, and I will be sooo upset when it goes off the air, because every show must come to an end sometime. But this last episode really got to me, and got me thinking.

Do we really tell all those we love that we love them? Do those we love know we truly do care about them? Do you really show it?

We all have someone in the world that we don't tell we love. We all have someone who is unaware of how we truly felt about them. Don't let time pass. Tell everyone you love that you love them, because you never really know when the time will come that it will be too late. They won't answer calls, or they will be gone forever, and you will sit and wish that you had told them exactly what you felt.

So, I invite you to stop holding back, and let them know. You will feel better, knowing that they, too, know.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Love You, Mom. Happy Mother's Day

I love my mom because...

- She gave birth to me.
Yeah, cliche I know, but it's true. If she didn't do that, would I even be here? No, so gotta thank her for that.

- She showed love and compassion no matter what.
Even when I did something that made her soooo mad, she still loved me and cared for me. That has never gone away.

- She let me choose.
Ok, so I have made some stupid decisions in my life, who hasn't? But my mom never said "Oh, sweetie, you really shouldn't do that." No, she let me make my decisions, let me make mistakes which helped me to learn and grow.

- She taught me what it takes to be a great mother.
My mom is human, and humans aren't perfect. But she is darn close. She always loves her kids, no matter what. She tries her hardest to control anger and frustration, and she never lets things get out of hand. Through her example, I know how I want to be when I grow up.

- She showed me it's ok to mess up.
It's ok to be human, it's ok to show that you aren't feeling well or things are crumbling at the edge. She showed me that no matter what happens, those who truly love you will stand by you and never leave.

- She showed me a good time.
My mom would take us out of school early to go to lunch or see a movie. She'd take us to midnight showings, bowling, just fun things. Sure, we would possibly have a fight, but it isn't a Stout outing without a fight. But it was always a memory, and it was always fun.

- She is my best friend.
She is always there, and always willing to talk. She voices her opinion, but doesn't impose it on me. She calmly sits through it, and lets me choose.

Mom, I love you. Thank you for being the best mom anyone could ever ask for.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Overwhelmed, underappreciated, and unloved.

My brain is going crazy!

Just thought I'd let everyone know.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

The populars are coming!

Dude, why are all the popular people from high school adding me on Facebook? I don't understanddddd!!!

"But of you it is required to forgive all men."

So, today in Book of Mormon, our teacher asked us to think of grudges that we may be holding, or of someone who has caused us deep pain and we have yet to forgive them. Well, to be honest, my mind kind of drew a blank. I mean, I know that there is someone out there who I haven't fully forgiven, but I just couldn't think of anyone. Then, as I was walking to the library, I thought of some. So, I will share with you guys. No, I will not use names, but I will say what I need to say.

- I forgive you for running away. I may not understand what I did to cause you to do that, or if there was any way to stop it from happening, but it did. There must have been a reason, but I just want you to know I forgive you.

- I forgive you for not calling me back. I get it, you are too busy with other things. Just don't forget about me.

- I forgive you for calling me fat. I knew then, and I know now, that I am not fat. I am actually in good health, and will stay that way for a while.

- I forgive you for all you put me through. End of story.

- I forgive you for not letting me do what I felt was "right." It actually helped me, and I just didn't see it until now.

- I forgive you for being the friend that I never thought I'd have. I just wish you would see that the things you are doing are hurting you, not helping.

- I forgive you for lying to me. There must have been some reason I wasn't worth the truth.

- I forgive you for leaving me for no apparent reason. We needed to find who we were and what we wanted in life.

- I forgive you for making me feel worthless and insignificant. Because of you, I actually learned to love myself and not take things so personally.

And lastly, I forgive you. I forgive you for things that you will put me through, and feelings that you will make me have. Sure, I may not have met you yet, but I know pain will be caused by you, and I just want you to know now that I do forgive you.

LOVES!! <3

Dear Readers,

It has come to my attention that I haven't written a blog in forever. The reason for this, you wonder? Well, I just haven't had that much to say, to be honest, that hasn't already been said. I have been, and currently am, in Rexburg, ID. I started five REAL classes, and they are amazing. I miss lots of people... to be honest... my old roomies, my Idaho family, my REAL family (although I just saw them last week), my cousin Dennis, my friends back home, the list goes on and on.

I am doing well in my classes, for now. OH, this is my schedule.
Professional Communications Foundations- Brother Wyeth
Science Foundations- Brother Kelley
Child Development- Brother Dennis
Book of Mormon 122- Brother Dorman
American Foundations- Brother Lewis

Ummmm... what now? Oh, Subway is amazing! Just throwing that out there. I have a Subway card where I collect points every time I go, and since Winter semester, I have accumulated 102 points... yeah, it's one point for every dollar. My mom won't be happy when she reads this...

Um, there is a possibility that I will be traveling to New Hampshire for 4th of July weekend. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!

Um... I don't know what else to write LoL. I like my roommates, my ward is done weird, but it'll be a fun ward. My FHE family is cool, too, but nothing will compare with last semesters.

Alright, I will end this. LOVES!! <3