Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear Readers,

It has come to my attention that I haven't written a blog in forever. The reason for this, you wonder? Well, I just haven't had that much to say, to be honest, that hasn't already been said. I have been, and currently am, in Rexburg, ID. I started five REAL classes, and they are amazing. I miss lots of people... to be honest... my old roomies, my Idaho family, my REAL family (although I just saw them last week), my cousin Dennis, my friends back home, the list goes on and on.

I am doing well in my classes, for now. OH, this is my schedule.
Professional Communications Foundations- Brother Wyeth
Science Foundations- Brother Kelley
Child Development- Brother Dennis
Book of Mormon 122- Brother Dorman
American Foundations- Brother Lewis

Ummmm... what now? Oh, Subway is amazing! Just throwing that out there. I have a Subway card where I collect points every time I go, and since Winter semester, I have accumulated 102 points... yeah, it's one point for every dollar. My mom won't be happy when she reads this...

Um, there is a possibility that I will be traveling to New Hampshire for 4th of July weekend. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!

Um... I don't know what else to write LoL. I like my roommates, my ward is done weird, but it'll be a fun ward. My FHE family is cool, too, but nothing will compare with last semesters.

Alright, I will end this. LOVES!! <3

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