Saturday, May 16, 2009

Off Day

I don't know what to do today. I really hate the weekends, more than any other day of the week.

"You hate the weekends?!?! You crasy."

Yes, I know. It's because, unlike everyone else in my apartment, I don't have friends here. I mean, not as many as I had in Fall and Winter. I don't do much except sit here and wait for the weekend to end. At least during the week, I have classes to go to.

Today is a day where I wish I had my friends here. Chelsie, Mike, Brian, Zandra, Jillise, Whitney, Jose, Neiko, Lauren G., anyone really. I just need something to do, somewhere to go. If I had a car, I would drive up to IF (Idaho Falls, for those of you who don't know) and go to the museum up there. Or I'd drive to Boise and see Jillise. Or drive up to Spokane and meet my family there. Or drive to Orem and see my family THERE! Just something other than sit in my room all weekend.

Today, I have no idea what I will do. Maybe go rent another movie from Redbox. Or go to Jamba Juice. Or finish my homework, which I got a good start on already. Or just call someone to talk.

Today I feel lonely. The end.


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Alexandra said...

Dear Symone,
Bake something you have never made before...
Or call your mama and get her favorite recipe and learn how to make it!
Learn to make origami paper cranes. Then string them together to make a little flight of them and hang them on your ceiling =]
Buy flowers for someone, or chocolate, and let them know that you care =]
Give yourself a manicure/pedicure! You deserve to spend some time on yourself =]]
If you need more ideas, call or text me! expect a call soooon!