Friday, April 29, 2011

The Baptism of Christ

The baptism of Christ is an important event that occurred, for everyone on this Earth.  Not only did Christ get baptized to humble Himself before the Father, and be obedient in keeping His commandments, but also to be an example to all those who would come after Him, and to show men the straightness and narrowness of the way back to Heavenly Father.  John, though, was hesitant to baptize Jesus Christ.  The reason why John was so hesitant was because he understood that Christ was greater than he was, and John didn’t see any real reason why Christ would need to be baptized, so he was hesitant.  But Christ knew the importance of getting baptized, and had John do it.  After Christ was baptized, the Holy Ghost descended upon Him like a dove.  There are many things that we can learn about the Holy Ghost.  Those things include the fact that the Holy Ghost is a personage, and is in the form of a personage.  The “descending like a dove” signified the truth of the matter, and the validity of the Holy Ghost to John.  That baptism of Christ helped to show and prove, in a way, that the three members of the Godhead are really separate beings.  The Father spoke from Heaven, Christ was baptized by John, and the Holy Ghost descended from Heaven AFTER Christ was baptized.  This baptism helped to create a precedence of how we should be getting baptized.  And not because someone here on Earth tells us to get baptized, but because it is a commandment from Heavenly Father.  I am grateful for Christ's example, and the love He showed to us by making sure to follow all God's commandments.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Priesthood is Amazing.

You ever get the feeling that you have done something right, but you just want the confirmation from Heavenly Father?

I did.  And I got a blessing from a worthy Priesthood holder who said the exact things that I needed to hear.

I am so grateful for the Priesthood in my life, and for those who hold it worthily, and for the things I was told from Heavenly Father.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

How some people talk about their relationships really worries me.

Like, think about it.  If you are in a relationship with someone, you should be fully committed to them, right?  You shouldn't want any other girls, you shouldn't want to talk to any other girls, and your feelings of love and emotions of the same sort should be directed to them, not someone else.  Right?

At least, that is what I think.  And I have heard one too many guys here at school that have had girlfriends, but have "pursued" other girls.  I mean, come on.  Not only are you playing with the heart of BOTH girls, but you are only hurting yourself.  Imagine the pain that you are causing, the hurt that is being felt by one of the girls, if not both.

And, I know, girls do the same thing.  Date one guy, but still go after another one.

Come on!  You are supposed to be in a relationship.  If you aren't happy in the relationship, why are you still in it?

Sorry, I know I am rambling.  This is just... something that really bugs me.

What are your opinions on it?

John the Baptist: His Birth and Mission while on Earth

In Luke 1:14, Zacharias was told that joy and gladness would come about because of his son, John’s, birth.  He was also told that many people would rejoice at his birth.  Many people would rejoice because, not only was John the Baptist born to prepare the way of the Lord, but his testimony and teachings would help others be prepared to accept the Lord and be a better people.  Zacharias was told of John’s mission before John was born by the angel Gabriel.  This shows that Heavenly Father had foreordained John to this work while he resided here on Earth.  While in the womb, John knew who the Lord was, and who Mary, his mother, was even before birth, leaping in Elisabeth’s womb at the sound of Mary’s voice (Luke 1:41).  Because of this, Heavenly Father blessed him with the chance to grow and wax strong in spirit (Luke 1:80).  John prepared the way of the Savior, baptizing many and preaching about the Lord for many months, and then he baptized Christ.  His testimony of Christ and of the Gospel, and his faith helped many others come unto Christ and be edified in him.  He wasn’t jealous when people started to follow Christ more than him, because he saw the importance of Christ’s work, and knew that all was how it should be.   I believe that the reason why people would rejoice over John the Baptist is because he was someone who showed strong faith and had an unwavering testimony of the truth.  Many people throughout his lifetime would look up to him, and be thankful for the example he was.  Because of this, great joy and thankfulness would be spread throughout the land, even to this day.  I am so thankful for John the Baptist, and for the example he is, and continues to be today.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I need a set schedule.

I do.  Sleeping in until 10 o'clock every morning, while nice, is NOT what I should be doing.  I should be out and about.  So, here's what I am thinking...

9:00 AM- Wake up
9:30 AM- Go for a run (either on the treadmill or outside)
10:30ish AM- Take a shower
11:00 AM- Go to Trishy's with my laptop and work on homework
2:00 PM- Take a break from homework
3:00 PM- Do more homework, if needed.

All of this in tentative, and could change at all times... Hahahaha
What do you guys think?  Is there a better schedule I should follow?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New photography project

I have an idea for a photography project.  I am SO excited about it.  I just have to buy a letter game, either Scrabble or Bananagrams.

My idea is titled "Love is..." and I will be placing the letters to spell out what love is at various places.  On a park bench, on a kitchen counter, etc.  I hope it works out the way I am picturing it!

Anyone know where I can buy one of the above listed games?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hi All

In case you didn't know, I am a picky eater.  Like, extremely.  And I don' really like when my food is touching...

But, when my grandma gives me a bowl of rice and chicken that would normally be separated, but aren't... I have to eat it.  Or my grandma will not be happy.

I love my grandma. :]

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What is love to you?

Readers of my blog, PLEASE let me know!

I have an idea for a project! :]

Friday, April 8, 2011

This is my family.

I absolutely love them. :]

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I was given this life because I am the only one strong enough to live it.  So don't judge me, because if you were in my place you wouldn't survive.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dear you,

Yes, you.




Someone Like You

"Never mind, I'll find someone like you, 
I wish nothing but the best for you, too, 
Don't forget me, I beg, 
I remember you said, 
"Sometimes it lasts in love, 
But sometimes it hurts instead." 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I love my little sister.

"When all else fails, remember that this girl and Jesus love you(:"

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring is coming...

And with it comes a lot of changes in my life.

I will be living at Northgate, which are some of the newer apartments here in Rexburg.  AND I will be moving into an apartment alone.  I won't be living with girls that I have known before, I will be living with all new girls.

And I am kind of freaking out.

I will be in a new ward, which I am super excited about.  And I am ready for a new adventure.

I just got accepted, and I am going to CHINA!  AHH!!!  You have no idea how happy this makes me.  For reals.  I am going through an organization called ILP.  Super stoked.

I have friends from back home coming out to school, I have a car, and I have big plans for next semester.  Especially when it comes to my photography.  I will be using a lot of time to really work on it, and get better at it.  I can't wait!

While there are many changes coming, I know that good will come from it.

Alright, friends.  Thanks for letting me vent for a little while.  I love you all.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I love finding new clothes!!

And new jewlery that I can look at and wish I owned... Anyways, moving on.

Sydney from The Daybook is doing giveaways today, and the places that are allowing her to do giveaways are just AMAZING!

Like... Gussy Sews.  Seriously, go look at this stuff.  I want to buy something.

Or... Adri Apparel.  Look at this hoodie.  And these earrings.  Seriously, I want.

Will I get these?  Probably not.  But it doesn't hurt to look at them. :]

Within the next few days...

I am going on a Photo Adventure.

Even if I have finals to do.

Even if I have no time.

Even if I would rather just sit at home and do nothing.

I need to get out and take pictures of the world around me.  I need to practice my photography.  I want to see the beauty in this town called Rexburg.

I need a Photo Adventure.

Don't Stay Silent.

"The strategies of the Enemy to deceive, attack, and distract are made even more effective if he can divide us from one another.  Division comes in many forms—contention, disunity, gossip, backbiting.  But perhaps the most insidious is silence. 

The principle of silence, or the code of silence, in the face of evil has been the foundation of secret combinations and the works of darkness since Cain murdered Abel.  Please turn with me to Moses, chapter 5, verse 29:

And Satan said unto Cain: Swear unto me by thy throat, and if thou tell it thou shalt die; and swear thy brethren by their heads, and by the living God, that they tell it not; for if they tell it, they shall surely die; and this that thy father may not know it; and this day I will deliver thy brother Abel into thine hands.13

Wherever we find secret combinations, we find the code of silence.  But silence has also become part of the culture of society. 

The Savior taught us about silence in the parable of the Good Samaritan.14  When the priest and the Levite came upon a wounded man by the side of the road, they were silent.  They took no action to help, nor did they tell anyone of the man in trouble.  The Samaritan, in contrast, spoke in word and deed.  He bandaged the man’s wounds and took him to an inn.  The Samaritan told the innkeeper about the wounded man and arranged for his care. 

The man by the road represents so many of our brothers and sisters, so many of us wounded by the perils of mortal life and the battles of the Great War.  And yet, in our modern society, the Enemy has spread fear of getting involved when someone is in trouble and has fostered a social stigma that attaches to people who speak up in the face of evil.  The Enemy whispers, “Don’t get involved; it’s not your problem.  Don’t tell; you will be a tattletale.”

Here is an example: a lonely, confused young man gets addicted to pornography by first starting with the wrong movies and then edging into material that is increasingly sleazy, vile, and immoral.  He stops going to church, and there is darkness in his eyes.  The young man is spiritually wounded on the battlefield of the Great War.  His roommates know.  But they are silent.  They do nothing to help him, and they say nothing to him or to anyone else as he descends into an earthly hell until he is bound in the chains of awful addiction. 

Oh, brothers and sisters, don’t leave the wounded on the battlefield!  Stick together.  You don’t need to be a more “righteous-than-thou” person.  We are all sinners.  We all have troubles.  We have all been wounded spiritually.  But you who have felt the redeeming power of Christ, you who know His love and His grace, you know He can heal all wounds.  If you reach out in a spirit of love and humility, you can help the spiritually wounded find the Savior.  If you need to, call for the medics: talk to your bishop, call the Dean of Students, tell someone who can do something that you have a friend in trouble.  Don’t be silent.  Don’t leave the wounded on the battlefield!"

President Kim B. Clark