Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ok, so I am in a talkative mood today...

Alright, so a couple days ago I was talking to a friend of mine. We were talking about liking boys and what-not, and the topic came up where sometimes you feel like you have too much baggage to like anyone, because you are afraid that your past will affect how they feel, or how things will be. Sometimes, you feel like your past will not allow you to be loved by anyone, and in so thinking, you feel like you will never find the one. Alrighty, well, I know that I have felt this from time to time, but I have also thought of something else. When you get married to the one you love, you believe that it is true love, love that will love no matter what happens, past, present or future. SOOO, if you are marrying someone for love, don't you think that your "baggage" isn't enough for them to handle? I mean, when you really truly love someone, you don't judge passed on what mistakes they have made in the past, or the decisions that they will make in the future. If they make you upset, then you really don't love them.
I don't know, maybe I am thinking about this too much. I just think that loving someone means loving all of them, not just the things that you want. You shouldn't try to fix them into who you want, or make them feel sorry or bad for the things that they have done. Love them for them, for the good and the bad. For the ugly days, for the gorgeous days, for the days when you can't live with them or without them.
Love will overcome anything. That is what I believe.

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Vicki said...

I totally agree with you. I think about this a lot because the more and more you live, the more and more "baggage" you acquire. Of course, it's the same way for everyone. If you truly love someone, you love all of them, the good and the bad, just as you said. You learn not to judge and to just let love in, because that's all that matters.

Great post!