Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in the BURG!!!!!

I am back :) I missed Rexburg... and my small Idaho family. The first night back, me and Chels were up until 2am making retarded videos and posting them up on people's walls... hahahaha it was fun!! Now, I really should be studying, but I can't concentrate!! I have two tests this week, and a big essay I need to write. You were smart, Symone, for not taking your books on vacation >.<. Oh well, I will do my best with what I have. Anyways, I better jet. OH!!! And, on Friday or Saturday, some friends and I will be going down to Salt Lake City to go to a concert. The Aquabats concert. IDK who the Aquabats are, but I am still going to the concert. I will be offering moral support :)

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