Monday, December 8, 2008

I think I just had one of the best weekends ever...

And this next weekend, I will have one of the worst.

Alrighty, so, we went to Salt Lake City, UT this weekend to go to the Aquabats concert. OMG, IT WAS AMAZING!!! I will be putting pics on here later, but it was so much fun! The drive was fun. It was Mike driving, Chels in shotgun and me in the back. We had so much fun together, although Brian's sense of direction was... minimal... hahaha just kidding! We got to Temple Square, which I was so excited about, and we stayed in the Kimbal hotel. Kimbal... Kimball... I don't remember how to spell it. Anyways, we got to Utah at 5:30, thinking the concert started at 6 pm. It actually started at 7pm, with three people opening for them. The first band was called Superhero, and they are based in Utah. Then there was DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba, and that made Chelsie UBER happy LoL. Then there was Suburban Legends. Wow, they were so cool. They are based in Cali, and they sang a ska version of Under the Sea. It was AWESOME!!! Then came the Aquabats. They were so funny, it was a lot of fun. We jumped and danced and just had a blast.

Then, the next day, we went to Temple Square. One of my favorite places on this earth. I love Temple Square. We walked around every where that we could. We saw the Christus, the Temple (no dur), some of the lights, the nativity sets, the assembly hall, the tabernacle, and the Conference Center. There wasn't a lot of things to do, and we realized that we had time to spare, so 5 of the 7 of us went to Provo. Sorry for the family I have down there that I didn't get to see. I saw you last week, so I think it is ok. Anyways, so we went to Provo, and Chels, Trish, Vicki and I hung out with Juli, Chelsie's best friend from back home. She took us to her ward's break-the-fast, and we got stuffed. Mike went to visit his sister and brother. Chloe and Brian went to Brian's sort-of grandparents and found out they are kind of related... Weird, I know. Anywho, so then we went back up to SLC, UT, and got back into the cars we came in. Mike did some driving, Chels did some driving. I sat shot gun... the whole time :). Then we got back to the burg.

It was one amazing weekend, so much more happened but my wrists are starting to hurt LoL.
I will write more later!!

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Alexandra said...

What a great way to end the semester. I'm so glad you had such a fun time!!