Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some thoughts on my mind... See if you can guess who I am talking about :)

I miss you a lot more than I'll admit.

I know I need to be home, but I wish I was going back to school with you two.

Please understand that I need the car just as much as you do.

Please let me get the job! I know I'm Dr. Stout's daughter, but that shouldn't affect your decision.

You need to take a nap. Kicking and biting people isn't nice.

I wish we were a lot closer than we are.

I miss you guys being the friends you were back in high school.

I haven't seen you guys yet, and that is NOT okay! That will be changed soon.



Chelsie said...

i know who is number one.

Jillisey said...

i miss you...