Saturday, December 26, 2009

Funny days

My family is so so so so funny! Well, to me they are.

"Mom, George Michael died."

"I want to get numb arms and then slap people in the face with them... like this! *funny arm motion*."

"Let's put XLAX in the cookies! And watch mom have to go to the bathroom ALL DAY!"

"We use the Wii at Christmas time more than any other time during the year... That's because we always get new games at Christmas."

This was, without a doubt, the best Christmas ever. I love my family, and how we were able to get through an entire day without a single fight. But alas, we are back to reality.

Oh yeah, and Malcolm got his license. Guess what that means? I have to share the car.

So, should I save money for a Nikon D3000, or a new car? Tell me your thoughts, loyal readers.


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