Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I would like to say...

That my brain kinda feels like mush right now. I don't know why, since today I haven't had to do a lot, but it still feels like that.

Also, I dislike it immensely when I misread an assignment, therefore causing not only myself but also my roommate to get a bad grade. Bleh.

The class side of school is almost done.

Goals for tomorrow:
Get World Foundations final turned in.
Get late homework coupon turned in to Ed. 200 teacher.
Turn in idea swap/ do oral report in English.
Talk to Mission Prep teacher.
Finish packing.
Prepare to return books/hopefully get some money.
Study for and take science final?

Yes. I am very happy for the school aspect to be done, but very sad to be leaving the wonderful roommates and friends that I have made this semester. I hope I can visit sometime in the 3-4 months that I will be away from them.

Time to try to study for science some more. He expects me to study for 3+ hours. Yeah, we'll see how that turns out.


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