Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good bye warmth, helllllloooooo -2 degrees.

This morning walking to class, it was -2 degrees F here in good ole Rexburg, ID. YIKES! My hair was still wet from my shower, and it froze. Oh, my boogers in my nose froze too. So while walking, I had to breath through my mouth, and you could tell I was doing that because I looked like a choo-choo train.

See the smoke? That's how it was.

Thankfully, my mom got me a new coat to wear. It keeps me WAY warm, and I love it. Along with my hat, gloves, and scarf.

Yep, that's my coat and hat :]

Anyways, just thought I would give you guys a weather update for here in ID. Hopefully, it is warmer where you are!!


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