Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When something goes UP, more than likely it will come crashing down.

Yesterday was a rough day on me. I really have no other way to explain it. My emotions were going crazy, and I was frustrated and irritated and stressed and had no idea what to do.

"I feel that if I hadn't texted you first, you probably wouldn't have talked to me."

Excuses, then no excuses. Apologies, crying, talking. Confusion, having to say what I truly felt, bitterness, let it go.

I feel better today. I do. A weight has surely been lifted off my shoulders. But, I still don't understand what I am supposed to do. I guess I have done all I can to help.

The ball's in your court. If you need help, you can ask, but you have to ACT on what you know.

I love you, mister, but you need to start getting better. If not for yourself, for your friends. They miss you being happy.


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