Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two years later....

ONE OF MY best friends (have to make that clear for some girls here at BYU-I... hahaha) just left to go back home in CA. After going home, and sometime later this month (fingers crossed!), he will be off to Guatemala and serving a mission for the church.

...I am way excited and sad at the same time...

This week was a weird one. I was in a fight for most of the week with people from back home, read something on Facebook that made me really upset, and I miss my family. Also, my friend was up here at school, but things weren't the same. The light was gone, the joy was nonexistent, and the excitement to come out here was now excitement to go home.

No laughter... No talks... Nothing.

I felt lost, like nothing that I could do would help him in any way, no matter what he said. I call it "selective listening."

Friday, the last day. We went to dinner in Idaho Falls at Olive Garden. So good! And I saw it... a glimpse of Fall semester... laughing, talking, looking at stars, singing songs... Bliss.

I wasn't ready for that, and with that happening, it made saying goodbye for a fourth time harder than expected, but at least now I know I am truly saying goodbye.

Be safe, stay strong, and know the Lord loves you. I won't say goodbye.

See you in two years, Elder Ivey.


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