Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh the future...

I hate thinking about the future. Not because I don't like imagining what it will bring, who will be in it, and what cool inventions will be brought about, but because I don't like imagining something, then thinking it could happen, then hoping, wishing it would happen, and then have it not happen.

So, I will focus on the here and now. The present. School, church, friends, family. Writing to all my missionary friends that are now serving the Lord. Some will be home soon, some won't be for another two years, but they all need support and love. I send that through letters.

Oh I do love letters, packages... Basically anything that comes the 'ole snail mail way. It just feels like Christmas every time I get a letter! Wow, what a weird tangent to go off on hahaha.

Anyways, moral of this blog, don't worry too much about the future. Worry about the present, because it's only here once! ;)



Chelsie said...

while over-worrying about the future is something that everyone should avoid, I think that it is important to have dreams and goals and wishes for the future.

What is the point of living life in the present if we have no plans for the future? Even though hoping and wishing for things to come to past may end up hurting us in the long run, it is important to understand that it is human nature to hope and wish for things, and by taking that away from yourself, it is taking away a part of living.

Hoping is one of the most beautiful and amazing characteristics of human nature and of life. We shouldn't snuff it because of fears. we should embrace it and love it and take it full on!

We can't completely live our lives in the present without thinking about our future. As scary and intense as the future can be, it is much better to prepare for it then to let it just happen upon us.

or at least, I think so.
i love you symone.

MiSaO1990 said...

I know that hoping and wishing for things is just a part of life, and I'm not saying that I WON'T do that necessarily, I just won't think about it at all times, because I don't want to start thinking something WILL happen and then have it not happen.

And I do agree with you :]

Love you, Chelsabelle.