Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fremont Troll

The person on the right of the troll is Ian. Yes, it is a big troll.

This is the Fremont Troll. It's one of those places that not a lot of people know about up in Seattle. Usually, you see the Space Needle, Experience Music Project, and other touristy spots. This is a lesser known area.

I love this troll. I was looking at a list of the world's most unusual monuments, and number 5 out of 12 was this guy here. We made it on the list!!!

As an earlier post said, I am a Seattle girl through and through. If you ever want to visit Seattle, or Washington in general, I can show you around ;)

Just a random blog... Way random, I know, but I got excited when I read about the troll :D


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