Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Words that I just can't stand.

Alright, so no one probably reads this anyways, but I love writing my blog, so here I go.

There are certain words that I don't like guys using to describe how I look. Case in point, sexy and hot. I really don't get why you would use that after knowing someone for a while. Sure, when you are first meeting someone, or you get a first look, the words you might use would be those two.

But, after a while, those words lose their appeal. I would rather like to hear beautiful, cute, sweet, etc. I think those words do a better job, but that's just me.



Alexandra said...

I have never been called "hot" to my face, but if I ever did, I would definitely take it as an insult.

Jennifer said...

I read your blog still!

I have been called that to my face....and honestly, it doesn't feel good. it's awkward!