Saturday, June 27, 2009


There are many people in the world that I love. Don't get me wrong.

This is about the people who just don't think before speaking or acting. Those who say things they probably don't mean, but it comes out anyways.


This picture basically describes what happened.

Lesson to learn: Think with your HEAD!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey, guys get the bad rap. There are bad guys out there, but also bad girls. A guy has sex on his mind like that, perhaps in certain situations. But it isn't that pervasive. I would hazard not a lot more than girls.
Besides, just because you are a girl, don't assume that you are right.

MiSaO1990 said...

I don't assume I am right, I was talking about 4 different experiences that I have had with 4 different guys. Sure, it isn't like that 24/7, but, as you said, it does happen in certain situations. I was writing because I don't know what I have been doing in order to get them to ask me to "send pictures" or "give them a show."