Friday, June 3, 2011

A Disciple of Christ

Throughout various chapters in Luke (chapters 10-14), we learn various things that we need to do in order to become a disciple of Christ, and what can be considered costs in becoming a disciple of Christ.  The list that I made is this.

  • What we need to do to become a disciple of Christ
    • Study and hear the words of the Lord.
    • Pray the correct way.
    • Give all that you can give.
    • Ask, seek, and knock.
    • Treasure up the things of the Lord, not of the world.
    • Have faith.
    • Seek the kingdom of God.
    • Be prepared.
    • Enter in the straight gate.
  • Counting the costs
    • Letting things of the world go.
    • Becoming prepared at every time.
    • Placing your trust in the Lord's hands.
One of the things that I know I can work on, out of the things listed above, is studying and hearing the words of the Lord.  I have always had a somewhat difficult time with reading my scriptures on a daily basis.  While I have gotten better at it, it is still something that I have always struggled with.  I know that, by reading the scriptures every day, I will feel closer to the Lord and I will be able to know what things the Lord wants to tell me.  This will help me know the different things that I need to work on in order to be more on the path towards the Lord, and will help me find the goodness that exists every day in my life.

But, even with this all, there is one main thing that is ultimately required to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  This is to give up all that we are for the Lord.  All worldly things, all things that aren't important in the long run need to be given up in order to truly get closer to the Lord.  While it may be something difficult to do, it is what is required in order to truly become a disciple of Christ.  And I hope to work harder on being a disciple of Christ.

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