Friday, May 20, 2011

Walking on the Sea

In Matthew 14, there are a few verses that talk about Christ walking on the sea.  How the apostles reacted was with fear and trouble when they first saw Him walking.  They didn’t seem to believe that it could be real, that Christ could walk on water and not drown.  Since they didn’t have an understanding, they believe that Christ was just a spirit who was there to freak them out, in a way.  But, when Christ said that it was him, and that they shouldn’t be afraid, they started to show more faith.  Peter did this with his response to finding out it was Christ walking towards their boat.  He believed in Christ, and had faith in Him, and said that if it truly was Christ, then He should allow Peter to walk to Him.  Christ did, and Peter walked a little way closer to Christ, but then he saw the wind and how the water was reacting to the wind, and began to be afraid.  Because of this, Peter began to sink.  When Peter started to sink, he called out to Christ and asked to be saved by Christ.  Christ immediately reached out His hand to bring Peter up out of the water, showing the timing Jesus used to respond to Peter’s request.  Walking on the sea is something that many people don’t understand, and can’t seem to grasp.  Even today.

In D&C 88:67, a principle that can be found is that those who are filled with light can comprehend all things.  You can become filled with light by having faith in the Gospel and the things the Lord wants of us.  Since Peter had faith, he was able to somewhat comprehend how to walk on water, and that is why he was able to walk on water, even if it was for just a little bit. In order to get through the storms of life, we need that faith.  We need to be filled with the light of the Lord in order to see that the storms we go through are actually for our benefit.  Faith, hope and love truly will help us get through everything.  I have been working on this for a while, and I love it.  I love having the faith necessary to see the good in absolutely EVERYTHING that is thrown at me.  Life truly is amazing, and it is a huge blessing to be given the chance to live this life.

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