Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

This is my mom and I when I was a baby.  Cute, huh?  My mom was hot.  That's all.

Dear Mommy,

Honestly, I love you.  I have never been more sure that you and I chose each other in the Pre-Existence than I am now.  This last year has been hard.  I know that it has.  Actually, the past 20+ years have been hard.  But I am so grateful that Heavenly Father allowed the two of us to be together for time and all eternity.  You are such a big blessing in my life, and I am so grateful that you are my mom.  You have shown such love, compassion, patience and acceptance than I could have ever asked for.  You have always been a friend to me, and always will be.  I know there were times in my life where I acting like a lame-o and kept you out of my life.  But, you still stuck by my side, and tried to help me to the best of your ability, and I love you for that.  Times have been tough, but even through it all, you have never stopped loving me or anyone else.  You are so willing to help others, even if it takes away from things you want to be doing.  You always were at school, and I loved that.  Thank you for being such a wonderful example to me.  You are someone that I want to be like when I have kids.  You truly are my hero, mom, and I want you to know that I love you.


Your first daughter.

This is a more recent picture of us... if you consider recent over 3 years ago.  Hahaha but now, my mom is smokin'!

Love you, mom.  Always and forever.

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Sean Stout said...

Yes your mom is hot, and yes you are richly blessed to have her in your life. Be happy in your struggles and you will be rich in blessings.
With love