Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I love how random my siblings and I are to one another.

Syd- Symone, I think I have an overactive kidney
Me- An overactive kidney?  Explain that one to me.
Syd- Your kidney controls when you pee and poo and what not, its in charge of the waste in your body and I ALWAYS have to pee!
Me- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh sydney, I love you.  I think you may just have a small bladder, I have that problem.
Syd- Ok hahahaha see I am learning in school!
Me- Hahaha I see that, good for you ;)
Syd- Hahahahaha I told my science teacher one day that my kidney had done  its job, and then held my planner out for him to sign
Me- HAHAHAHAHA did you really?  Oh that is awesome.
Syd- Yeah Hahahaha
Me- I want to use that one day.  Too bad I never have to get my teacher to sign anything.
Syd- That's upsetting!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh hahaha