Saturday, June 5, 2010


Meaning: She Heard

Meaning: Chastity, Fidelity

Meaning: Strong, Robust, Firm

Growing up, I never really liked my name, especially my middle name.  I was fine with Symone, but I didn't understand how my mom could let my dad make my middle name Misao.  Why not something like Marie?  Something common.  And yes, I really did think this way growing up.  

As I got into my junior year in high school, I had a friend who fell in love with my middle name, and that is all she would call me.  I didn't get it, until I realized how truly UNIQUE it was.  No one else I have ever met has had that name, and why shouldn't I be proud of it?  Because of that friend, I grew to love my name more.

Now, I am thankful for the name my parents have given me.  It is unique, and I love it.  I realize that thought was put into my name. 

Being Mormon, most of the boys aged 19-21 serve a two-year mission.  My dad served in Japan, hence where he got my middle name.  I tried to think of reasons behind why he would name me that, and the one I thought of was that it was to be a symbol, kinda, on how to live my life.  My whole name has different meanings, but together, I can use those meanings in my life.

If you haven't already, ask your parents the story behind your name.  They are usually pretty awesome stories.

I hope my future children like their names as much as I have grown to like mine.


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Sean Stout said...

When you were born, and even before that blessed day, I wanted to give each child of mine a Japanese name related to a key characteristic in fighting the wiles of the world. Misao was a choice name, as the world wallows in sexual indulgence I knew resistance, chastity would be key to spiritual survival. That is why I chose this name for you, in hopes of inspiring you (as Heleman did in naming his sons Lehi and Nephi) to rise up above the ways of the world and be a beacon of virtue to your generation. No burden of wierdness was intended. I love you.