Sunday, June 20, 2010

Let's just say...

Yesterday was a rather off day for us girls here in my apartment.  Well, at least for four of us.  A friend told us some news that we weren't expecting, and we really had no idea how to handle it.  I had a rather confusing conversation with a friend, and some girls heard things that were really hard to swallow.

It started off seeming to be a day that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, to be honest.  I was crabby with friends I was texting, and I had to walk up to the Hinckley building in order to do some work that I had missed on Monday, seeing as I was traveling back to Idaho that day.  Although it was sunny, I really hate that walk.  Every day that I walk up there, I end up struggling for breath as I get into the room.  Hahaha, guess I need to work out more.  Once I got up there and started doing my assignments, I realized that it wasn't that bad of a day after all.  I was able to finish two out of the three assignments in less than an hour, when I fully expected it to take about two or more.  The walk home was easier, I had a funny conversation with my family, and it was great.

Walking back into the apartment was when I noticed that something was off.  That's when I heard the news that I know none of us were expecting to hear.  It was hard to be told that news, and it makes me rather sad to think that I couldn't help, but that's life.  Sometimes, you can help the person.  Sometimes, you can't.  And no, it wasn't that someone died, so don't think it was that.  I'm not going to say what the news was, but just know that it wasn't all that great.

I spent most of my day with Anne (one of my roommates) and Kevin (a friend).  We went to various places, played Tetris, and watched Wayne's World 2, even though Anne hadn't even seen Wayne's World, the first one.  Oh Anne.  Erin had her second, and last, night of Opera Scenes last night.  While I didn't make it last night, I did get to go on Friday and she was absolutely amazing!  Such great stage presence, and a voice like none other.  I heard she nailed it last night, which made me extremely happy.  But even doing all those things, it still felt off.  We were all worried and had no clue what to do or what to say.  So we ended up just doing things like usual, trying to see if we could just take our minds off the news.  Let's just say it might have worked, but only for a little while.

Getting to sleep wasn't an easy task last night, and what's worse, both Chelsie and I were awake around 4AM.  She was awake a little earlier than me, and I didn't realize that I was awake until she asked me if I was.  We couldn't go back to sleep, and it sucked.  She took some Nyquil, I watched a little bit of Grey's Anatomy, and we decided to try to sleep one more time.  Thankfully, we both fell asleep, but it was the most random thing to be awake at that time.

Now, we are awake but not really doing anything.  We don't really want to be doing anything.  But I know we just have to get up, move around, and find the good.  Everything will be alright... Eventually.


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