Friday, November 28, 2008

the ABC's of Friendship for Girls

Written By: Katie Mitchell

A: Always be there for each other
B: Brownies make everything better... unless someone is allergic to chocolate
C: Crying is ok, just don't do it alone.
D: Don't EVER fight about guys!!!!!
E: Everything can be wrong in the world at once, and guys just don't always get that
F: Flowers don't always have to come from guys...
G: Generosity is always greeted with a smile
H: Hugs are manditory!
I: Ice Cream shold not be eaten a gallon at a time.That is why Ben and Jerry's came along.
J: Jokes help heal the hurt (trust me)
K: Kick boxing is great for anger management, and the glutes!
L: Love them MORE than your family (no need for explanation, everyone dislikes their family on some level.)
M: Money doesn't grow on trees, but plastic is in abundance!
N: No shoes, no shirts... LET'S GO SHOPPING!!!!!
O: Open hearts are easy to see into and find similarities
P: Put the work aside and have a girls night out!
Q: Question everything the men tell you... unless it's the a church leader, in which case listen!
R: Realize that your friends love you no matter what
S: Sarcasm is AWESOME!!!
T: Try to stay out of trouble on those girls nights out
U: Use the force to help the wandering ones in the flock
V: Violets are blue, and only they should be allowed to be blue.
W: What happens at girls night out had better stay there. No funny business. :)
X: X-ray it, no matter what. Don't just deal with it. See if it needs help, and if so ask for some.
Y: Yearly conversations don't cut it. Once a month at least! Don't lose friendships.
Z: Zoos are a great place for a chick date. Those penguins are so cute!

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