Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I am a Daughter of God

“I won’t flirt with the darkness that I am here to fight.  I’m a Daughter of God, and I’m holding on to virtue.  I am confident in my divinity.  You’ll find me on my Father’s side, no matter what the world may do.”

You know, there are days when I am sitting in my apartment, gazing at my wonderful husband, and thinking about all the things that happened in my life to get me to where I am today.  Let me tell you, there were many events and people that helped me bring my life to where it is today.  But through everything I have gone through, there is always one thing that has never changed.  One truth that I always held on to.  One item that was always a part of my dreams, no matter the good nor the bad that I went through.  I knew that I was a Daughter of God, and I knew that one piece of knowledge would never change or go away.  And because I was a Daughter of God, I would always be able to find my way back to Him.  I love that knowledge.

Now, I am starting my final semester in college before doing Student Teaching, and I felt really alone and worried before it started.  I am only two days into it, but that feeling has gone away.  Why?  Because I know that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me, and wouldn't ever leave me alone.  And, if I remain faithful, He will help me through everything, and He will guide me on the path that I am meant to go on.  

And for that, I am so grateful and humbled. 

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