Monday, August 1, 2011

So, I dislike thinking about the future.

With going to China, I will miss out on a semester at school.  Which might lead to me not being able to go on Fast Grad.  If that is the case, then I will be done with school (if all goes according to plan) by December of 2013, with Student Teaching being done (again, if it goes according to plan) in Winter 2014.  That means that I will HAVE to get a job and pay for those two semesters by myself.  ON TOP OF the fact that I have $0, yes $0 going to China right now.  My dad told me that he didn't know how much they could help since Malcolm is on a mission, which is totally understandable, but at the same time it isn't easy getting a job, and so I have no money to go to China.  UGH!  I gotta breathe... In... and Out... In through the nose... Out through the mouth...  I am rambling.  Could you tell?

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Chelsie said...

student loans really aren't that scary, Misao. And if you take one online class while we are in China, you will keep your enrollment and be able to get on fast grad. and I'm going to try to get you into my office. we'll figure it out.