Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Apologizes for 8th grade hurt?

David: "so i was made aware of a fact that I had forgotten and quite frankly didnt even know that happened... so supposedly when I broke up with you, i like, was holdin Katy's hand or something in front of you pretty much dragging her into something that she didnt know what was up or something... idk... but when i remembered that, um well quite frannkly i dont remember it and i feel absolutely like a jerk, and i probably was, but didnt mean to be, at least i didnt want to be, like... what im trying to say is that right now, whatever i was thinkin back then was completely idiotic, and im surprised i would even do that, so i really do apologize for doing all the idiotic stupid jerky stuff way back when and im glad we still keep in touch now cuz yea... Haha, yea, it was brought to my attention and i was pretty much astonished ... like really surprised cuz... i dun even know... soooo crazy and i have nooo clue why i would do that. ugh but yea. glad things are still good. I hear about peeps who still hold grudges from back then, glad ur not one of them... and pretty much that was like... the whole question thing i was askin about... is if you remember that stuff cuz like... i was a crazy idiot and just wanted to apologize"

It's funny how something that happened over 5 years ago can cause someone to want to apologize about it now. But I am glad he did.

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