Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This is an update blog.

So I went home last weekend, Feb 27- March 2. I had a lot of fun. Got to spend time with the family, see friends, and marvel at Malcolm's musical and acting ability. He was the lead in his schools musical, Godspell, and it was amazing.

The video is long, I know, but it is so good. In this clip, it is when Jesus is being crucified. Just an amazing musical. BTW, don't be "alarmed" when the fire alarm goes off. Yes, it does go off, so try to watch this without headphone or being too loud.

THEN I come back to the burg, and yesterday I made a trip to the hospital. I had an anxiety attack, I guess, which caused the hyperventilation to happen. Basically, I was short of breath and I had tingly sensations in my toes which moved to my legs, then my right eyebrow and finally my arms and hands. They said that was because I was blowing out too much CO2, which is Carbon Dioxide, for all you who didn't know that. They took my blood work and an x-ray to see if there was anything else wrong, but there wasn't. And they gave me ativan, which made me go crazy and I didn't like it at all. BUT all this doesn't explain why I had shortness of breath a few days ago, and why my chest hurt before the attack. Anyways, that was my Tuesday pretty much. Missed devotional AND class. First time since starting school.

Now, I should go study for my test in Personal Health and Wellness. :P


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